After taking a class in Isshinryu Karate taught by a college friend at a local rec center in Corpus Christi, in 1985, Tony & Tina Palos moved to Denton to attend UNT and major in Jazz Studies. They started training again in 1998 with Hanshi Robert Kristensen in Coppell with the goal of earning black belts and getting in shape. In 2002, Tony started Denton Dojo as part of testing for Black Belt, then six months later Tina also started a class as part of her testing. From one location of six students, they have grown to two locations with classes for students from 5 years to over 50 years old. Still active as jazz musicians in D/FW area, they find karate balances their life in many ways. They enjoy passing on all the benefits of traditional martial arts to all ages of students and especially love to see families train together. "The family that kicks together sticks together." 

They are now both 5th degree Black Belts and continue look to for ways to  improve their program and show that its never to late to start enjoying the benefits Isshinryu Karate.