Sensei Michael Strickland started training with Hanshi Kristensen as a green belt. After earning brown belt, he moved and had to continue his training at the closer Denton dojo. He earned his Shodan in 2008, Nidan in 2011, and Sandan and title of Sensei in 2015. He has assisted with all classes since making Shodan, and is personally responsible for the 6:30 Brickhouse 5-12 years class. Outside of class, Sensei Strickland teaches 5-8th grade science and is the father of one daughter.


Mr. Albert Solares started training as a white belt with Renshis Palos in 2009 at the now defunct Aubrey Dojo. He was the only student there to continue training and earned Shodan in 2014.  Mr. Solares also came to the USA in 2000, worked to learn English and a new career, and earned his citizenship in 2015. He is the father of one daughter, who is also training in Isshinryu karate.


Mr. Steve Sumners started training as a white belt at the Denton Dojo in Jan. 2009 to replace his smoking habit. He earned Shodan in 2015. He also took on the responsibility for TIKK's website and Facebook page since he was a beginner student. Outside the dojo, he is married, the father of one daughter, is also a 20 year Army veteran who served in the Gulf War.


Mr. Lee Stafki restarted his Isshinryu training with the Renshis Palos in 2014. He had earned Shodan in 1985, but a 20 year Army career had kept him from progressing in rank. He was certified at TIKK in December 2015 and continues to train and assist in Denton & Denia Dojo. Mr. Stafki is married, the father of two boys, one girl, and served our country throughout many different conflicts and special missions, and retired a Major.

BH mixed class 2