Building Better Lives Thru Karate

Increase Fitness * Develop Focus * Learn Self Defense

Karate is more than punching & kicking. Age appropriate classes develop character values & skills for success at home, at school or at work, and in the dojo. Adults also find stress relief and a way to stay young.


                                   Juniors 5-7 Years

  • Develop Motor Skills, Coordination, & Balance
  • Learn Life Skills like Listening, Respect, Focus, & Kindness
  • Basic Self Defense/Stranger Awareness
  • Basic Isshinryu Karate

                     Youth 8-12 Years

  • High Energy Total Fitness Drills
  • Build Values like Respect, Integrity, Courage, Responsibility
  • Anti-Abduction/Anti-Bullying Skills
  • Traditional Isshinryu Karate


  • Total Body Fitness Development
  • Develop Leadership Values & Skills
  • Real World Self Defense
  • Traditional Isshinryu Karate
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                          Adult Karate

  • Fitness According to Age & Ability
  • Practical Self Defense
  • Stress Relief
  • Traditional Isshinryu Karate

Karate for the whole family improving focus, confidence, discipline, fitness, and self defense. Emphasis on traditional values thru the study of traditional martial arts.

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 Also Available - Self Defenses Classes

* Free classes for youth groups; women's groups; church, school, or civic organizations, special events or individuals

*Approximately hour long sessions tailored to each group's age, abilities, and concerns

*Stranger Awareness, Anti-Abduction, Anti-bullying, Basic & Practical Defense for Today's Challenges

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Everyone should know basic self defense and we love to share our knowledge.  Contact us to schedule a class today!